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Ride Instructor


“Perfection is over-rated, have some fun always!”

Damian is an adventurer at heart who loves anything that keeps his heart pumping with excitement. He believes that Rhythmic Cycling is not just a workout but a journey where the destination is not important and the journey to get to where you want to be is essential.

It’s amazing how he found Rhythmic Cycling when he had rejected his friends countless times as he thinks that stationary bikes will cause him to have “motion-sickness”. Alas, he fell in love the moment he got on the bike and the first song was played! With that love for spin, he worked towards being an instructor and has never given up despite the tough journey to be where he is today.

Damian’s class is fast pace and high energy. He believes that when you build confidence on the bike, that confidence will eventually turn into success. You may occasionally hear him say a 1-liner joke just to distract you from the intensity of the workout.

Outside of Rhythmic Cycling, Damian enjoys playing volleyball and a nice glass of wine!