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Ride Instructor


Darren’s training philosophy revolves around his favorite quote, “Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.” He ensures that all members leave the studio feeling better than when they first stepped in. He believes in a balanced and safe workout; often encouraging his members to listen to their bodies and acknowledge that on some days, they may not be at their best.

Darren first experienced rhythmic cycling in 2019 in Canada at Soul Cycle, Prior to that, he was only exposed to RPM and road cycling. The class in 2019 opened his eyes to a world of fitness, where fun, music, and endurance can all be fused together. It was then he decided he would like to share this energy on the podium. Darren received his group training certification for rhythmic cycling and BodyCombat in 2020. Things came full circle in 2022 when Darren got certified in Power Ride (Aurora’s brand of road riding) where he enjoys the challenge, the focus of energy zones and the science behind road riding. 

Darren enjoys listening to music of different genres and often builds them into his classes. He keeps his choreography simple with the intention of giving his riders time to play with resistance and speed so as to maximise muscle burn and sweat.  

Darren is an energetic, uplifting, and influential instructor. Apart from indoor cycling, he enjoys sharing financial knowledge and also instructs both BodyCombat and longboard (a variation of skateboarding). 

Off the bike, he enjoys walking his two dogs and traveling. Fun fact about Darren; He used to be in Chinese Orchestra for 7 years. He was also quite unfit until he decided to participate in a triathlon during his polytechnic days. He has ever looked back since!

Darren instructs Rhythmic Cycling (Ride-The-Aurora) and Road Cycling (Power Rides).