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OHM Teacher


Fai loves to dance and have always enjoyed playing sports such as Floorball and Netball during her school years. Back in 2014, she attended her first Yoga class and left feeling inflexible and demoralized.

It was through an inspirational teacher that she fell in love with yoga and realised that yoga is not only about the physical posture, but the mind and heart.

She took a leap of faith and left the corporate world in 2019 to be a certified Yoga Instructor. A year on, she continued to explore other courses such as Pilates and Barre – as it encompasses things, she truly enjoys such as music and dance.

Depending on the class type, Fai’s classes are typically strong and empowering, and she hopes that through her classes, she can encourage her students to build awareness in their own bodies and mind and to move in this journey with compassion and empathy.