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Ride Instructor

Felicia K

A self-declared tree-hugger with a love for fitness, animals, and truffle fries. Felicia is a fitness advocate with almost 20 years of teaching experience across cardio, strength, and mind-body disciplines. Felicia was trained as a triathlete and she is Aurora’s lead trainer in Road cycling. Her teaching style is creative, unpretentious, and empowering and she often encourages her participants to be present and enjoy every moment of their fitness experiences (read: she is also a Pilates and Yoga teacher in Ohm studio)! Amidst grueling terrains and high-powered sprints, expect to laugh in her class with her unexpected and sporadic sense of humor.

Her choice of music is EDM, mashups, remixes of popular music, and bass-driven tunes. She has been instructing indoor cycling in mega gyms and boutique studios for over 15 years and is still in LOVE with the sense of FREEDOM and HIGH that comes with and after the class!

Off the bike, she enjoys spending time with her 2 adopted dogs and will always be up for a good glass of red wine. 

Felicia instructs Road Cycling (Power Rides).

She is also Aurora Academy’s Master Trainer for Road Cycling (Power Rides).