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Ride Instructor

Jean A

Jean used to be overweight, was a foodie (as most Singaporeans are) and did not enjoy exercising. In spite of her dislike of the gym, she began attending HIIT classes in order to lose weight. What kept her going most days was the music she listened through the ear phones. Going the the gym was unmotivating for her until she discovered rhythmic cycling in New York in 2016. She was captivated by the array of lights, great music, and camaraderie among fellow riders. Eventually she moved from being on the “dance floor” to the podium. At Aurora, she took on the road riding certification and began another journey in indoor cycling to enhance both her muscular and cardiovascular strength. 

Don’t let her bubbly and friendly personality fool you – strength and power radiate throughout her classes (both in rhythmic and power rides).  

Off the podium, Jean is a geeky bookworm who enjoys self-help books and serial killer type novels. She also loves a good tan by the beach and you will almost always spot her with a glass of champagne. 

“After working so hard on your bike, in this room, a whole new world is waiting for you outside that door. So enjoy, let loose, be yourself, there’s no judgment here” 

Jean instructs Rhythmic Cycling (Ride-The-Aurora) and Road Cycling (Power Rides).