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Ride Instructor


Meet Jesslyn who turned her initial challenge into a passion for spinning. In struggling during her first ever spin class, she was adamant to come back for another class to try again and get it right. Subsequently, Jesslyn discovered the exhilaration of rhythmic indoor cycling. For her, spin is more than a workout; it’s a stress reliever, an adrenaline rush, a journey of personal accomplishment, and ultimately, a community that extends beyond the bike.

Over the past 1 year of teaching, Jesslyn has found many like-minded friends and forged lasting bonds with them. She has also witnessed her endurance soar, crediting spin as a platform for both physical and personal growth.

When it comes to the beat that fuels her rides, she enjoys curating playlists of House music, her favourite genre for good vibes; Heavy Beats for that extra motivation; and the pulsating rhythms of EDM and Trance. She also finds solace in the good old tunes of pop music.

Outside of spinning, Jesslyn is a fitness enthusiast who embraces activities like sugar boxing, HIIT, bouldering, and pilates reformers. Her adventurous spirit extends to her taste buds, always on the lookout for new food experiences in diverse cuisines. A coffee-addict, she believes that coffee should be enjoyed purely on its own with no milk or sugar.