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Ride Instructor


JN has always enjoyed a good dance party and attending music festivals. As a dance captain and choreographer since her school days, she was intrigued by rhythmic cycling. She experienced her first rhythmic cycling class in 2018 and unlike most rhythmic instructors, it was not the best experience. She felt intimidated and probably developed rhabdo without realizing it. However. she was determined to complete her trial package in the midst, fell in love with the program. In 2021, she answered Aurora’s call for instructors and went to the audition — she never looked back since.

She loves a good groove, pushing the limits with sprints and engaging in challenging choreography (read: 3-min endurance sprints). Expect an enegetic and high intensity session when you step into JN’s class. “Be 1% better than you were yesterday” is JN’s constant mantra and belief. 

Instructor’s cap off, JN identifies more as an introvert and enjoys a cosy day out (or in) with close friends and family. She believes her spirit animal is a sloth, so if you do happen to catch her riding outdoors you may never think she is the JN in Aurora.