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OHM Teacher

Xin Wei

Xin Wei began her yoga journey in 2018, and her passion for the art of yoga has grown increasingly over time. 5 years later, she obtained her 200hr Hatha TTC under Jal Yoga International in 2022.

Xin Wei’s favorite asana is a headstand, or inversions of any kind, as it brings her to the present moment. She remembers fondly of her ‘breakthrough moments’ on the mat: lifting off from bridge to wheel, doing a straddle press up in a tripod, and being strong enough to do her first chaturanga. She firmly believes that yoga is not about achieving fancy poses on Day 1, but building enough awareness in your body and mind such that the pose naturally comes to you.

Off the mat, Xin Wei enjoys hunting for good local eats on the weekends and is extremely delighted when she finds a hidden gem that she can bring her loved ones to. Do let her know if you have any food recommendations!
Xin Wei is a firm believer that yoga is for everyone, and she hopes to debunk the myth of being ‘too inflexible/ too unfit’ for yoga. As someone who used to struggle with showing up for P.E. in school, she welcomes people of all fitness levels to join her on the mat.