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OHM Teacher

Alice N

Alice started her yoga journey after a slipped disc injury. The practice of yoga taught her to be both calm, flexible, and strong mentally. After 5 years of learning and practicing yoga, she decided to further her knowledge by pursuing her teacher’s training in 2015. She was inspired by her first yoga teacher, who suffered from spinal issues. Over her 7 years of teaching, she also took on a course to be trained in pre/postnatal yoga, aerial yoga, and Pilates.

Yoga is a never-ending learning journey, it is a daily affair.

Having sustained certain injuries, Alice is cautious with her alignment and body postures. Her style of teaching reflects that same intention. She teaches her classes with this in mind and often caters to her students by giving them options. She can sometimes come across as “strict” but her style of teaching is always well-intentioned.

Alice is very active, loves to have fun, and always has a smile on her face.

When she has the time, Alice will choose to play golf, cook or bake. She also enjoys working up a sweat in Aurora’s indoor cycling classes. Don’t be a stranger if you see her spinning at the Infinity room!