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AURORA SPIN Class Styles

Rhythmic Rides

Aurora Rhythmic Rides is a fiery and liberating experience enhanced by trail blazing lighting systems and groundbreaking surround sound. Our dedicated coaches will inspire you to unravel that champion state of mind. You can expect intentionally curated classes with beginner, intermediate and expert options, high energy music and the A-Team supporting you throughout the workout. Work your hamstrings and glutes while your core supports your every movement. Tone your arms with technical and exciting choreography. Aurora Rhythmic Rides are the balance between thrill and vigour.

Aurora 101 (Rhythmic)

This is a 45-min foundational class to Aurora Rhythmic Rides. In this class, you will learn how to ride to the beat and follow the rhythm whilst incorporating simple choreography. So be prepared to sweat. Participants will also be guided through proper bike setup, riding safety and techniques. This class is for anyone who wish to try rhythmic cycling for the first time.

Power Rides

Aurora’s Power Rides focuses predominantly on performance-based techniques and often works into various energy zones (ie. Strength, fat-burning, HIIT and Cardio Response) by manipulating resistance and cadence (cycling speed). Aurora’s blend of Power Rides replicates an outdoor road cycling experience (so no arm choreography, just unpretentious cycling) to a killer playlist. Expect to torch a huge amount of calories through crazy terrains whilst working with relatively high resistance and intensity. These are classes that will keep you accountable for getting fitter, stronger and leaner. Power rides are the bridge between tension and speed.

Aurora 101 (Power)

This is a 45-min foundational class to Aurora Power Rides. Participants will get acquainted with proper bike fit, safety when riding, efficient riding techniques, understand energy zones and manipulation of resistance which assimilates an outdoor terrain. There will be a mix of technical know-hows and riding involved, so be prepared to sweat. This class is for anyone who has never done a Power Ride class before.