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OHM Teacher

Audrey L

“Things are not happening to you, they’re happening for you 🤍”

Audrey’s yoga journey started in 2019 in Melbourne. Her commute from home to the yoga studio became an escape from her chaotic housemates and a reason to explore the city.

As a creature-of-habit-kind of girl, practicing everyday was easy until covid hit and she had to find a new rhythm – a process she struggled with. It turned out to be a precious opportunity for her to commit to self-practices and through that, she discovered intimacy with herself on and off the mat.

Audrey’s love for yoga intensified through the months of self-practice and she eventually enrolled herself into a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Leigh Khoo in 2020. This shaped her then style of practice where she now loves to move with as much intuition and intention as she can harness. Audrey wishes to share this explorational energy and create more mind-body-breath awareness in her classes.

Audrey is very dynamic, loves a good sweat and is a petite ball of energy. She enjoys challenging herself in group functional training classes. However, she advocates that a balance of both yin and yang is very important. At Ohm Studio, she teaches invigorating Vinyasa flow and Yin Yang classes.

Off the mat, Audrey prefers spending time in nature. A perfect day will be getting a tan at the beach, with a book and a strong cup of flat white.

If there’s a quirk that you should know about Audrey, she has an intense fear of birds, especially pigeons. She has not walked down orchard road for years as many Singaporeans will testify that that is home to many breeds of birds!