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Ride Instructor


Trained in Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Wrestling, Chelsea understands firsthand how a strong foundation of practice, goal setting, and focus can build strength and purpose in all aspects of life. What started as a complement with strength training, Rhythm Cycling swiftly turned into passion, and naturally, an avenue for Chelsea to champion others. 

Chelsea’s dedication to personal transformation is key to her coaching style – challenging her athletes to think better, do better, and be better. She likes her beats fast, runs long, and choreographs quick but with energy, confidence, and TEAMwork. 

As a Sagittarius, Chelsea is an avid learner and born adventurer. Off the bike, she is either studying or embracing new experiences. Her power quote: “ On the other side of your fear is your freedom. “

Chelsea instructs Rhythmic Cycling (Ride-The-Aurora).