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OHM Teacher

Elaine T

“Don’t beat yourself up for not being the best, but rather, reward yourself for being YOUR best”.

When Elaine came face to face with multiple pains in her body and a diastasis recti surgery in 2014, she picked up yoga to help her stretch and build a stronger core. Yoga videos on Youtube were her first teachers and soon she cultivated a fascination for Vinyasa yoga. To deepen her practice, she took on a 200hour YTT Power Vinyasa Focus course with Dr. Trish Corley (recognised Baptiste certified yoga teacher) in 2017, a 2-day Intensive Training workshop with founder of Strala Yoga, Tara Stiles, and a 100hour Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider accredited program on Ascension Yoga with Suraya Sam, Director of Ascend Yoga Therapy. Elaine also went on to complete a TRX suspension training course in 2020 and became a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in June 2021.

Elaine believes that every practice on the mat is a different experience. Yoga empowers her to have total body awareness in every asana (pose) and acknowledges emotions that arise from within. Her mission to practice yoga with integrity, authenticity and connection, translates to how she wants to live her life. Elaine loves a sweaty and fun vinyasa or core flow. She sees it as a moving meditation that strengthens and tones her up.

Elaine’s goal is to guide her students to discover their “oneness” in life through cultivating a breath-mind-body connection. She hopes to inspire her students to step out of their comfort zones so that they may discover those “OH-YES!” moments on their mats.

Off the yoga mat, Elaine spends her free time running on roads and trails, doing HITT workouts. She also enjoys outdoor activities with her family and is always on the search for good food! Her kids often exclaim that their mummy’s favourite pastime is washing toilets because she has OCD!