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Ride Instructor


Ernest first discovered rhythmic cycling when he attended a private class organised by his friend. From that day onwards, he was hooked!

Fast jogs and long sprints are what Ernest is good at. So if you ever want to improve your endurance, join his class!

Ernest’s favourite music genres are house music and EDM remixes. With stronger beats, he feels that it would be easier to find the rhythm! He also enjoys connecting with his riders and frequently comes up with various theme rides for his riders to enjoy!

For Ernest, rhythmic cycling is not only about having a good workout. He aims for you to improve and to get you stronger and better every time you join his class!

Outside of rhythmic cycling, Ernest enjoys going to the gym and connecting with his friends and family with a good conversation over a hearty meal or a drink!

Fun fact: Ernest used to play in a symphonic band for more than 10 years. From there, his love for music never stopped.