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OHM Teacher

Helen Lee

Helen Lee, the driving force behind VivaH Center for Healing in the USA and Creative Director at Abry Academy in Singapore, is dedicated to empowering individuals from all walks of life. With a deep commitment to transformation through art, meditation, sound therapy, and healing, Helen has not only experienced profound personal growth but has also guided countless others on transformative journeys.

Her impressive qualifications include certifications as a Life-Coach, TRE provider, Certified Meditation Coach, and Sound Healing and Therapy. Helen also holds a Level 2 Inter-modal Expressive Arts certification and has been actively engaged in her community for decades as a coach, music and art educator, and trusted consultant.

In addition to her holistic healing endeavors, Helen is a celebrated professional artist, showcasing her work in exhibitions worldwide. As a concert pianist, she has delivered captivating performances in various countries, collaborating with musicians from diverse backgrounds. Helen Lee’s passion for transformation and her rich background make her a guiding light on the path to inner peace and emotional fulfillment.