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Ride Instructor

Jia Hao

One of the aspects that drew Jia Hao to spin was the power of music and how the carefully curated playlists, designed to match the energy and cadence of the workout, added an extra dimension to the whole indoor cycling experience. He was enthralled by how the beat-driven melodies fueled determination and allowed riders to push beyond their perceived limits. Moreover, the vibrant community became Jia Hao’s support system and he enjoys forging deep connections and fostering a sense of belonging that extended far beyond the bike.

Today, after teaching for 1.5 years, Jia Hao’s dedication to this exhilarating pursuit remains as strong as ever. He believes in creating a safe space for personal growth, where you can challenge to overcome obstacles and unlock your full potential

Jia Hao’s biggest addiction is curating playlists ranging from mainstream pop, EDM, Kpop, Mandopop, whichever you name it!

Aside from teaching in the studio, Jia Hao enjoys coffee (alot) and exploring food places. Do hit him up for any recommendations!