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OHM Teacher


Justin Lim’s background in music performance culminated in a tangential segue into the study of bodily movement. Whilst in pursuit of a musical career, he suffered various nerve injuries, debilitating chronic pains, and postural problems; which severely hampered his ability to play his instrument, and eventually led him to yoga and pilates. From the onset, the potentially transformative natures of these movement modalities on both his physical body and his mind, through the language of breath, profoundly impacted him. This profundity has since inspired within him a great love for creative, yet sound, movement patterns that cultivate strength, nurture flexibility, and instill fluidity. He aims to teach a class that provides a deep, core-centric, somatic experience that creatively enlivens, mindfully challenges, and artfully aligns, the physical body. He has taught in New York City at Yogaworks, ALO Yoga, and Lululemon.