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Ride Instructor


Fitness has been an integral part of Lynette’s life since a young age of 12. The adrenaline and feeling of satisfaction at the end of a workout is what keeps her coming back for more.

Lynette played competitive tennis in secondary school and in her poly days. She signed up for a gym membership at the age of 18, and frequently visit the gym for group exercise classes like body combat and HIIT.

She wanted to venture out to try different types of work outs, and walked into a spin studio. To be honest, it wasn’t love at first ride her but she loved the challenge and kept going back for more. Before she knew it, she fell in love with spin, the strobing lights and electrifying tunes! Riding alongside many fitness enthusiasts was what kept her going!

Step out of your comfort zone with Lynette, and work together with her towards a stronger version of yourself! Take the challenge with her and push boundaries!