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Ride Instructor

Vehn A

“I know my name is thrown out there and I could care less about it. It is something that comes with the sport when you are on top of the podium.”  – Caeleb Dressel

Vehn has been in the fitness industry for 17 years. His love for fitness began while representing his state in swimming. He was also a competitive ballroom dancer. Vehn went on to become the Master Trainer for Drums Alive. Vehn is extremely passionate about teaching. He loves connecting with his members and to helps them transform to be the best version of themselves.

Vehn discovered rhythmic cycling while visiting his family in the UK and never looked back since! Whenever he travels, he makes it a point to try different studios at different countries to experience different styles. Back here is Aurora, he has also gone on to be certified in indoor road riding where he enjoys how power rides appeals to his competitive and athletic side.  

Vehn has an undying love for music, dance and fitness. In his class, expect to challenge your athelicism while having fun at the same time. So bring your sass and ride with Vehn!

Off the bike, Vehn enjoys swimming and travelling.

Vehn instructs Rhythmic Cycling (Ride-The-Aurora) and Road Cycling (Power Rides).

He is also Aurora Academy’s Master Trainer for Rhythmic Cycling (Ride-the-Aurora).