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Ride Instructor


I was introduced to rhythmic cycling when I was at my lowest. My best friend told me to “just come try!”. I was skeptical and did not understand what the hype about cycling on a stationary bike was about. Once I started, I have enjoyed every moment of it and never looked back!

I love rhythmic cycling because it is empowering. In a short 45-min class, you can feel weak and strong at the same time! You can literally start the class feeling weak and be completely transformed by the energising moves, music and pumping beats to end the class feeling super strong. This made me look forward to every workout.

I decided to be a rhythmic cycling instructor because it turned my life around and I hope to be able to do the same for others. I am commited to giving you the best sweat sesh and to spread positivity to everyone who joins my class!

Fun fact: I am 1.6m tall and love to eat chili. I feel that bulddak bulgeum myeong x double is not even spicy!